The Global Textile Hub team found collaborating on a virtual project and an installation “Textile Tessera“, an example of embellished hooked pieces, was both challenging and rewarding. 

Re-imagined” a mixed media virtual Exhibition

Successfully venturing into the “virtual” world to present this Exhibition, gave them the idea of bringing like-minded people together, hence the Global Rug Hub 2019 video and the webinar.

The team at the Global Textile Hub were not the only ones who envisaged a challenge relying on networking. 

Susan Sutherland from Ontario, Canada, tells about Rémi Lévesque’s 200 Cushion project; 200 coussins hookés pour mon 200ième / 200 hooked cushions for my 200th

Brigitte Webb’s beautiful cushion from Scotland was an example of networking and collaboration. Meeting up with Brigitte at The International Guild Handhooking Rugmakers, in the UK, Susan brought the cushion, without the foam back from Reeth, England, finished the pillow making part and shipped it to Rémi Lévesque, who said he was surprised to see the success of such a project “we never expected that it would take an international turn”. 

What started in 2017 as a local challenge finished up with 240 cushions showing up from around the world.

Designed and hooked by Ti Seymour, Abu Dhabi, UAE. This cushion travelled the most distance to reach Barachois, NB at Église historique de Barachois, Grand-Barachois, NB. 

“Forever Friends. Celebrating my friendship with Claire, Dawna, Candace and Mary, forever grateful to have you in my life”.

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