Rug Making

There are many ways of making (rag) rugs, just as there a many fabrics and yarns that can be used;  from upcycled clothing and homewares (sheets, doona covers, curtains etc) to the hand-dyed woollen fabric used in traditional rug hooking; as well as a variety of yarns.

The deciding factor being the ultimate use of the rug – rugs for the floor require serviceable fabric/yarn and backing. While decorative, fine and gauzy and embellished fabrics  can be used for wall hangings and wearables.

In 2018, to promote rug making among textile artists, in GTH’’s pilot virtual mixed media challenge, only a small section of “rug making” was required be used and visible. Also required were listed embellishments, this to stretch the comfort zone of traditional rug makers.

Traditional rug hooking requires tools and frames. To make it easy and less expensive for entrants who were not rugmakers to learn a rugmaking technique, this list of techniques (and examples) was published. Most do not require expensive tools, and was shared along with the traditional rug hooking techniques that do.

We pay tribute to Robin Inkpen, an inspired rug maker and good friend, who passed away in 2018
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