Virtual Exhibitions

For fibre artists in Australia it is often difficult to participate in overseas (ie. USA, UK, Canada) competitions and exhibitions due to restrictions placed on entrants from “foreign” addresses. As a result, fibre/textile artists in “the South” have fewer opportunities to have their work seen and critiqued by other artists.

Where exhibitions are open “to all,” Australian artists must contend with the complicated and expensive logistics of insuring/shipping their art overseas  

Since technology is key to artists networking with one another around the world….the idea of pioneering a new way of exhibiting and sharing art online through new platforms for virtual exhibitions offers us new opportunities.

Here you will find links to past exhibitions and related events as well as upcoming exhibition challenges.

Join us!

Re-imagined” a Mixed Media Textile Challenge with a Difference (2018) Read more

Textile Tessera”  a fibre collaboration by Judi Tompkins and Jo Franco    Read more

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